The UD manifesto

The history of UD hitherto is the history of class struggles. Student and professor, catering service and diner, resident and RA, freshman and senior, and many other such class divisions are enshrined in the economic structure of UD. 

These class-based power relations have led to the rise of many bourgeois institutions and relationships, but the proletariat body of UD students is now adequately matured to end this abusive relationship of slave and master. 

Among the many abusive institutions of the University of Dallas is that of the cafeteria. It is not the cafeteria workers themselves who have created this abuse, but rather the bourgeois administrators and businessmen who have instituted such policies as disallowing students from sharing food with their less fortunate, off-campus residing comrades, and preventing the people from eating their meals outdoors. 

Any appearance of benevolence and reform is merely a bourgeois ploy to keep the proletariat student placated in the midst of abuse; it represents temporary and frivolous gestures that signify nothing. 

The process of electing, from among the students, certain representatives who are to wield some small measure of administrative power in a democratic process represents a great lie told by the bourgeoisie administration. 

This institution is said to bring power to the many. It is, in reality, a popularity contest used to advance the interests of certain prominent oppressors; the students who hold office take advantage of support given to them by the masses and leverage it so as to debase themselves by aligning with and serving a system devised from bourgeois vice. 

Even though these officials are elected from the proletariat, they are made to serve the interests of their own bourgeoisie oppressors. The appearance of representation and fairness to the masses, however, serves to distract the proletariat from their squalid conditions and make them more submissive. 

The UD mission statement reads, “The University of Dallas is dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom, of truth, and of virtue as the proper and primary ends of education.” This model of education is designed to consign knowledge to the abstract and meaningless maxims of philosophy when what is really needed is an empirical, historical view of the conditions that have determined the state of mankind.

UD has been fraught with these incongruous relations of bourgeoisie and proletariat since its inception, and the continuous stream of abuses suffered by the proletariat student over the years has finally prepared them to seize the means of creating an easy and stress-free lifestyle for all. 

Once the processes of distributing food, scheduling classes, grading, managing events, etc., has been collected and vested in the masses, a short period of dictatorship will be necessary to secure the most fun college experience. The proletariat body of students will appropriate certain bourgeois institutions and use them to smash the opposition that remains. 

As this occurs over time, the last vestiges of bourgeois UD administration will wither away, leaving a bountiful paradise of food and free time. 

For too long we have labored under the whips of the UD bourgeoise. For too long our comrades have suffered under the meaningless precepts and maxims of our classist oppressors. 

The Age of Revolution has arrived and fate has chosen us as its first actors. Let us not be splintered and factionalized by these capitalist dogs. Let us not grow weary when the heat of revolution draws sweat from our brows and strains our limbs. 

Rather let us stand resolutely against the subjugating powers of those who seek to inflict measures that would ensure their own capitalistic benefits at the cost of the public good. 

To be a student at UD, is to seek truth no matter what form it takes. To embrace what profits us all, and to discount what advances the bourgeoisie. 

With this in mind, we rise in support of the common good, proclaiming our disappointment in the actions of the bourgeoisie and proclaiming the unending power of the proletariat.


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