UD Dating Culture: A New Hope?


A new class called “Romance for Rookies” taught by Dr. Upham, the head of the politics department, will be offered at the University of Dallas next year.

“The class, essentially, will be centered around teaching students how to date,” Upham said. He explained that he plans to have the class be a mix of lecture and discussion. 

“The course is not focused on the purpose of dating–although that will be included– the primary purpose is to educate students on how to date. It’s easy to tell someone to ask the person they’re interested in out on a date, but no one takes that advice. 99.9% of the time, UD students look like a blubbering, nervous wreck when they do.” 

He added that he not only hopes to teach students how to date but about essential factors in a relationship as well, such as setting boundaries, communication, and how-to-live-with-the opposite-sex-101. “These are common things people say are needed in relationships but often forget about once they’re in them,” he said. 

Many students at UD are excited about this new class. 

“I literally can not wait to find my husband in this class,” said Tiffany Smith, freshman music major. She said she hasn’t personally experienced much of the dating culture at UD but has heard a lot about it. “I came to UD to get a ring by spring. With the help of Upham’s class, it can be a ring by spring of junior year!”

“I don’t see any problems with the dating culture here,” said River D’Antonio, a sophomore history major. “But my girl friends are telling me to take the class, and it fits in my schedule, so I think I will. I just hope it isn’t as boring as some of the other Core classes.” 

Upham added that he hopes to ease most people’s anxiety around dating in the new class. “Asking someone out on a date can be agitating,” he said. “It’s like diving into the unknown; people are unsure if the person will say yes. In the class, I will teach practical, fool-proof ways to make sure a girl says yes to a date.”

“There’s a serious phobia of rejection,” said Marie Mercado, junior English major. “Guys will just hear the word ‘rejection’ and run away screaming in the other direction in pure fear. It’s basically why all the girls are single.”

“My friends and I actually proposed a UD version of the bachelor to Sanford, but that didn’t go over well,” Mercado added. “But Upham’s class will basically be the same thing.” 

Upham’s class will be listed in the registration catalog for the fall 2022 semester, and spots will be limited.


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