Advice from a barista


UD students can barely go a day without stopping by the Cap Bar for a pick-me-up before class, study session or a small get-together, yet most of us stick to the usual caramel macchiato or two shots on ice. 

Even when attempting to try something new we only allow ourselves two seconds to glance at the menu before being dissuaded from experiencing the unknown and ordering “the usual.” To get out of this rut, I thought I’d inquire at the Cap Bar on the best drinks to order and whether or not we can expect seasonal drinks in our near future. 

For pumpkin spice fanatics: you can stop reading now, it has already been added and will soon be followed with gingerbread and madeleine flavors. There may be a couple more seasonal additions so keep your eye out for another cap bar article or check out the syrup list once we approach the holidays. 

If you like your espresso-based drinks, the recommendation is the honey pot latte with the addition of half a pump of vanilla but make sure to ask for the honey and cinnamon to be stirred before the ice is added. If you’d like the drink hot, you can do the stirring yourself. 

The best, most-common, and cheapest iced option is your standard two shots on ice with a splash of vanilla and milk —alternative milk will cost you extra. A classic non-coffee option is an iced chai latte which tastes even better with the addition of two pumps of strawberry! 

You can ask for a Huji which is a dirty chai with vanilla and cinnamon and nutmeg. I personally recommend cinnamon and nutmeg on every drink. Since we’re on the subject of tea, tea lattes are amazing with a few pumps of your favorite syrup. 

A great tea latte starter is a London Fog or a Dublin Fog. When you’re feeling a bit under the weather but absolutely have to make it to class, a lemon ginger tea with honey will keep you running with less sniffles and consequently cleaner sleeves. I hope I’ve helped some of you try something new or find a new “usual” at the Cap Bar this week!


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