The bond of sisters


If you have a sibling, you know there is a unique bond. However, the bond between two brothers and two sisters is different. Interviewing Nicole Nguyen, senior theology and philosophy double major, and Sabrina Nguyen, sophomore business major, it was easy to see that difference. Despite being interviewed separately, they were often in sync. In Sabrina’s words, they seemed the “same but different,” sharing the same sense of humor.

If you know Nicole, you likely know her little sister Sabrina and if you know Sabrina, you likely know her older sister Nicole, Sabrina says.

Nicole knew from the time she started attending the University of Dallas, her sister Sabrina would come to UD and she’d be there to support her. She encouraged her sister, not so much by verbally pushing the idea of UD but by prepping her for the admission process. Nicole helped her sister choose the right classes, build the proper academic habits for UD and show Sabrina her homework for a better idea of the university. Sabrina was also aware she’d likely go to UD from the time Nicole went.

Unlike Sabrina, Nicole did not know she wanted to go to UD or even of its existence. She thought she would go to a Catholic university like Notre Dame. Nicole discovered UD through her cousin who wished he went to UD. Yet, she didn’t apply until April and in a rush, completed her application in 30 minutes while backstage of her senior flute concert. 

“I just submitted it and didn’t think about it,” said Nicole and two weeks later, she received an acceptance email.

“How we talk to each other is more like friends,” Sabrina says to describe her relationship with her sister. Nicole, herself, calls Sabrina a best friend. While typically quiet, Sabrina became talkative when speaking of her sister and Nicole, while normally talkative, formed a glowing smile when speaking of Sabrina. Having interviewed both individually, it was easy to see their deep love for each other.

Nicole spoke candidly about the responsibilities of having convinced her sister to come to UD, in spite of Sabrina having freely chosen. She said, with a laugh, Sabrina is a self described “California Supremacist.” Sabrina experienced extreme homesickness but Nicole, having experienced homesickness, was able to help her sister cope. While Sabrina’s comfort zone is typically her room, when she is with Nicole, she always feels at home.

Going to the same university, the sisters can talk about the rigor of UD and can discuss shared struggles. Whenever Sabrina needs someone to read her essays, Nicole is available to do so and will give her honest feedback when needed. Nicole said she wasn’t used to the teaching style when she first arrived. In contrast, Sabrina found the curriculum less challenging despite going to the same private high school as Nicole.

Nicole plans to go abroad for graduate school while Sabrina will finish her B.S. at UD, as well as an MBA. Nicole says she is confident that Sabrina will be okay without her as she has experienced life independently as well. Sabrina also believes this sentiment, saying, “Even if we don’t see [each] other for a while, we can pick up where we left off.”


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