The Crusaders serving up success in season debut


The University of Dallas tennis team had their first ever tournament on Sept. 15-17. Even though the days were hot and long, they all pushed through, trying their best on the courts despite the fact that there were some difficulties with attending the three totally different locations for the matches.

For some players, like Clare Jandrain, freshman biology major, and Caroline Littell, freshman business major, it was their first ever match playing together. Due to this, they were both getting the feel of playing doubles, which is when a pair competes as a team against others.

Littell said: “The first day we were just getting used to each other so we weren’t very in sync. So we didn’t do too well the first day because we were out of practice, but the second day we got a little bit better. We won two games but lost the match.”

For many of the athletes, it was their first time playing in an actual tennis match so it was a learning experience for everyone. When Luis Bermejo, freshman biology major, was asked how he felt about his matches, his response was positive, although he sprained both wrists during the tournament.

Bermejo said: “I definitely feel like I tried my best and even though I wasn’t able to win any. I had fun going out there and just playing a match. I will say doing doubles though was very different than singles by far. Having my partner, Joey Nelson, was fun and we had a lot of fun playing even though we didn’t win a match.”

One team member, Luke Ogden, sophomore philosophy major, was very happy with the way everyone played and was always enthusiastic to cheer for his teammates. By encouraging from the sidelines, even when they seemed like they were beat up and down, he tried his best to keep the team’s morale high.

“[I] just wanna say how proud I am of everyone,” Ogden said. “We fought so hard in our matches and we had a lot of great moments together, both when we were on the court and when we weren’t.”

When asked how well the team got along, Jandrain said they acted as a family and everyone supported one another in their matches. Every one of them cheered on their teammates even if they were the only ones being loud in the audience.

Jandrain commented, “It was really good how everyone supported each other, like one big happy family. Go Cruhogs!”

Elizabeth Littell, freshman business major, also had something to say on behalf of her team and the dynamic and bond they all formed together as well as her take-away from the weekend and her hopes for this upcoming weekend,Sept. 22- 25, when the girls tennis team will be competing again at the Womans ITA at Trinity College.

“The tournament was a great team bonding experience as well as a learning curve. We all got to experience what competing with D3 and D2 teams was like and had a taste of success as well as failure. Now it’s just a matter of learning from this and doing better in the next tournament. I look forward to the tournament this coming weekend and hope and pray our team will continue to grow as tennis players and friends.” 

Jacob Delao, the tennis coach, was very happy with his team and how they pushed through against their opponent in each match. He tried to be there for everyone’s match and was very proud with the progress that he saw with his team.

Delao said, “How proud I am of the fight we showed this weekend, it only gets me more excited for practice each day!”


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