Off-Campus Study Spots: Sick of the Cap Bar?


There are many spots to study at the University of Dallas. The Cap Bar, the library, SB Hall or, if one is a fan of background music, Catherine Hall are all great options. However, while these lovely spots are tried-and-true, the college student sometimes needs a change of scenery, different company, or a taste of new cuisine.

Many appreciate the diversity of Asian culture, including its varied food options. Students interested in expanding their tastes and studying in a fun, unique environment will enjoy 9Rabbits Bakery. Located at 2546 Royal Ln in Dallas, 9-Rabbits has spacious booths, boba tea and an assorted selection of pastries.

Jack Urbanski, a senior drama and German major, expressed his opinion on the mochi options.

 “[W]hen it’s filled with something that’s not sugary sweet; when it’s just the natural sweetness of the red beans, it’s a different kind of dessert, so it’s a really neat experience,” he said.

If students are looking for a different experience, they should consider, then, Café Brazil, located at 2815 Elm St in Dallas. 

“At any Café Brazil location, it’s free refills on coffee,” said Benjamin Bledsoe, a senior theology and German major. “[Y]ou can sit there all day and drink coffee and study.” 

Imagine walking into the crisp, earthy smell of freshly brewed coffee after an exhausting day of classes. What a perfect place to unwind, grab a three-cheese omelet and re-ignite the battle against the never-ending descriptions of a certain white whale. 

And now, the denouement. A particular type of study area has not been mentioned, yet certainly deserves to be. Specifically, a library. Granted that there is a library on campus, variety is still the spice of life.

Rose Urbanski, a freshman drama and German major, says, “If I had the choice of where to study, I would go to a library, like even when I was home.” 

For the library lovers, consider the South Irving Library, located at 601 Schulze Dr in Dallas, which is about a ten-minute drive from UD.

Set in the heart of Irving, the South Irving Library is perfect for the studious student. Unlike its café contemporaries, the library provides a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. With the library’s uniquely open floor plan, introverts or cram studiers need not worry about acquiring a calm corner. Additionally, when one needs to stretch their eyes after a particularly intense bout with Augustine, one can look out the second-story window and watch the masses pass by.

Other great study spots include coffee shops like Sip Stir, George and The Wild Detectives, which doubles as a charming little bookstore.

There are many lovely spots outside of UD where one can expand their mind and take in the atmosphere. Should the UD student get sick of campus and need a change of scenery, consider   any of these wonderful locations for the next study session.


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