Senior Spotlight: Women’s volleyball


Larissa Ramirez, #11, setter

Education major 

Hometown: San Antonio, TX 

What is your favorite volleyball memory or bonding experience?

“My favorite bonding memory with my team would have to be from our trip to San Antonio this year. We got to go to my house, and eat homemade fajitas, tacos, rice and beans. Not only was it great to be home, but after we ate, we sat around the fire singing songs and playing card games. It was a great night spent with some of my best friends! My favorite memory on the court would probably be from my freshman year when we played an insane five-set game against St. Thomas. The crowd was so wild, and I ended up getting a career high of 62 assists that game.” 

What are your plans for after graduation?

“After graduation, I plan to attend grad school and earn a masters in speech pathology. I want to eventually work as a speech-language pathologist in a school district with an emphasis on helping special needs and bilingual children. Language development has always been something I am very passionate about because there is a constant need for it, and this field allows me to work with diverse learners of all kinds.”

What is your favorite Cap Bar drink?

“I don’t drink coffee but I do like the blueberry muffins from the Cap Bar!”

Paiten Baesa, #9, defensive specialist 

Business major 

Hometown: Rockwall, TX

What made you decide to choose UD? What is your favorite volleyball memory or bonding experience?

“I committed to UD not only for the great academics, but because I loved the environment that the team created and how welcoming they were. I’ve always known since I was young that I wanted to play [volleyball] in college, it was just a matter of finding the right school for me! My favorite volleyball bonding memory is when we went to California for a tournament and got to hangout at the beach together. On the court, my favorite memory is from the TLU match this year when I had four aces to bring us back into the game!”

What are your plans for after graduation?

“After graduation, I will be continuing my education at UD by pursuing my MBA. I am excited to be able to continue my education at a place that I love so much!”

What is your favorite Cap Bar drink?

“One of my absolute favorite drinks at the Cap Bar is the Turtle Macchiato!”

Chloe Illagan, #8, defensive specialist/libero 

Biology major

Hometown: Houston, TX

What motivated you to play at the collegiate level? What is your favorite volleyball memory or bonding experience?

“My passion for volleyball, the adrenaline I get during games and the love I have for my teammates are what motivated me to play the sport. My favorite volleyball memory was winning against Austin college on our home court. The fifth set went crazy with all the fans in the gym, and my defense was top-tier that game! My favorite court memory was getting aces this past season against Trinity University, the #1 seed in our conference! I have too many court memories but I would also say anytime I was Libero because even getting the opportunity to be in the jersey is something I will cherish forever.”

What are your plans for after graduation?

“I will be attending the University of Houston College of Optometry in the Fall of 2023. I am passionate about becoming an optometrist because I enjoy serving others in the clinic, my team on the court, my family and my peers. Being able to combine this servitude with my love for science is something I want to do for the rest of my life.”

What is your favorite Cap Bar drink?

“My favorite Cap Bar drink is a double shot on ice with vanilla and oat milk!”


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