SG Gavel


Molly Zepeda,
SG President

Thanks to the leadership of Senior Senator Max Lange, a new Campus Safety Committee has formed in response to the recent car thefts on and around campus. President Sanford has responded promptly to SG’s concerns by hiring additional officers to UDPD, who has increased patrols. As chair of the committee, Lange serves as a liaison between Chief Green and SG.

Equally as active is our Campus Beautification Committee, which is receiving a considerable portion of this year’s budget to elevate our shared spaces, mostly housing and Haggar. Campus aesthetics has been a long time concern of the student body, something which Senator Luke Enriquez hears a lot about, as chair of the Student Concerns Committee. The institution of the Campus Beautification Committee, however, enables Enriquez to focus on relations with Aramark dining services, a role that will be crucial in coming Cap Bar facelifts. Most importantly, Enriquez wants to remind students that dining outdoors is a privilege, and the only way to maintain that is to bring your dishes back to the cafeteria–please! If you want to learn more about Student Government and attend our public Senate meetings, email VP John Frank


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