Alumni spotlight: Jordyn Fields


Jordyn Fields graduated in 2022, majoring in human and social science. 

She came to UD to play volleyball, which turned out to be not her only passion. She started her studies as a biology major, but ended up getting her bachelor’s degree in human and social science and now is working as a stage management intern in Florida Repertory Theatre, Fort Myers.

“I was looking for a smaller school to attend, and I like the close knit community that UD created,” Fields explained her other reason for coming to UD. 

Despite having a strong desire to go into the medical field for some time, after coming to UD, Fields lost her interest in chemistry, calculus and other complicated subjects required for biology.

“I was just looking for something else that I could take because I was looking to go into occupational therapy. So you don’t necessarily need to have a bio degree to go into that field. And that was stuff that I’d be interested in. And I found human and social science, which is basically sociology and anthropology, which I was really interested in. So that was a field where I could get a concentration in bio psychology to do the prereqs while attending courses for a major that I enjoyed,” she commented.

Her interest in the theater came out of her openness towards new opportunities and meeting new friends. In fall 2019, she volunteered as an orientation leader for freshman orientation and during that experience made some friends who shared with her their passion about drama, and convinced her to try it. 

“By the end of my freshman year I had stopped playing volleyball at that point just because I wanted different experiences, and so I was looking for something extracurricular to kind of fill my time… I had built some good friendships with some of the orientation coordinators who were a part of the Drama Department and I was sitting in the Haggar foyer area with them one day, and that group was really nervous for the senior studio audition… All these things convinced me to audition,” she noted. 

At that time Fields was looking forward to spending her semester in Rome, which meant that she would stop participating in student theater. However, the COVID-19 pandemic turned her plans upside down, canceling that opportunity. There was a silver lining however.  After Covid forced the drama department to migrate to Zoom, Fields found it a good opportunity to try her hand at stage management.

“I was kind of helping out a lot, and then I started being a production stage manager for a lot of shows at UD and I just fell in love with,” she said

Soon enough Fields found her way to Florida Rep where unfortunately, the theater was damaged by hurricane Ian.

“The most damage came from the massive storm surge in the flooding that happened in downtown Fort Myers. It destroyed so many businesses, we have a lot of damage to the theater right now. The water came up about four or five feet I think, at least to waist level,” she said. “Sharks swimming around downtown that was an interesting video to see. So, it was just a crazy-crazy experience.” 

One of the two main performing spaces was not damaged, so the theater can continue their rehearsals. However, a lot of work is being done to restore the rest of the building.

“We just got new flooring in last week and our paints team has been at the floor starting to get it ready for our next show,” Fields commented.

And, after getting through so many “adventures” on her career path, Fields highly advises UD students not to be afraid of difficulties and chase new experiences.

“Yes, do great and love what you study, but at the same time, go out and experience things, get involved in extracurricular activities. Wherever you end up working, do work outside of that if you are able to, because those experiences will form you the most, they formed me the most. And I think those experiences will give you the biggest leg up in the world outside of you,” she concluded.

For the next five to ten years Fields is planning to continue with theater, and settling down by the time she is 30. She is also considering transitioning to project management, but that would be further in the future. 

“I’m going to continue working at Florida for the next little bit. After I’m done here, I kind of want to try to work in opera rather than in just plays or even musical theater. Opera just sounds like a lot of fun. There’s a lot of work to be done there,” she said.


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