Alumni Spotlight: Erin Quinn


Erin Quinn graduated with a degree in education from the University of Dallas in 2021 and works as a Strategic Partnership Advisor at Students for Life of America, an organization that works to protect all life through education and support. 

“We really are an educating organization,” said Quinn. “We work with students from middle school all the way to med school and law school and everything in between, spreading the truth about abortion.” 

Students for Life is known for its campus visits, asking questions to start conversations with the right information. The ambassadors are often met with serious aggression from pro-choice administrators or students.

“There are a lot of very hurt people who we encounter at these campuses. People are getting urine thrown at them. Seriously, urine in bags,” said Quinn. “It’s so random, so juvenile. Shouldn’t we be past this?” This aggression can be a common obstacle to the conversations and connections that they seek at these campus visits.

“It’s very intimidating to go head to head with aggressive administrators who come up to us very heated when they hear that we’re on campus, wagging their fingers and everything.” Quinn said. 

Luckily, ambassadors are equipped with the skills to de-escalate threatening situations and are very well-informed on their legal rights, a necessary asset when protesters call the police. 

“At private colleges, we go because we have permission. At public colleges, we go because we have free speech rights,” Quinn explained. It is crucial for Students for Life workers to be well versed on the legality of the situation to be able to start meaningful conversations even in unwelcoming environments. 

“When we simply ask continuous questions, they often will find the truth or at least learn that we’re not there to cause harm to them,” said Quinn.

Despite intimidation tactics from opposing parties, Quinn and her colleagues have truly been reaching hearts through conversation and education. She has seen their work move many people in the middle of the issue.

Quinn developed a passion for the pro-life movement while studying at UD, working as the social media chair for UD’s Pro-Life club for several years. It was during her time with Crusaders for Life that a scholarship for pregnant or parenting students was instituted. 

“We helped organize baby showers to provide supplies and support to these students, and UD was incredibly receptive to this initiative,” said Quinn. “I had a good friend who had a situation at UD and all of the professors were so welcoming, so loving. That made me feel so passionate about the movement.” 

Quinn’s UD education spurred a deep faith and passion for truth that has carried on into her post-graduate life. She originally planned to pursue ballet and enter a conservatory after high school but decided to prioritize the faith life that she saw was so strong at UD. 

“Faith was not a factor for me until college. For most people, it’s the opposite,” Quinn reflected. “Coming to UD and seeing pretty much everyone going to mass every day shocked me into the reality that I needed to put my faith before anything else.”

The unique nature of the school has given Quinn a deep understanding of the human person and of the importance of the pursuit of truth in daily life. “People at UD would always be willing to have a really deep conversation about philosophy even at a party or TGIT and I love that. It’s weird and it’s very unique to UD,” she said. 

Quinn plans to continue her work as part of a larger revival of education and support in the pro-life movement during a crucial time in the post-Roe world.


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