Fall Sports: SCAC 22-23 spotlight


Livia Le

Sophomore chemistry major 

Houston, TX

Midfielder/Outside Back, #13

2022 All-SCAC Honorable Mention

Photo courtesy of UD Athletics

“I would like to thank Coach Lexi, the assistant coaches, my family and teammates for continuing to work and having patience with me throughout this 2022 season. This season, my main focus was to improve after each match and build connections with my teammates in order to perform my best. I am happy to be a part of the UDWS family and I can’t wait for the new upcoming season and freshies.”


Claire Reed

Sophomore biology major

Harlingen, Texas 

Attacking Center Mid/Forward, #10

2022 All-SCAC Second Team

Photo courtesy of UD Athletics

“I’d like to thank my family, team, Coach Stinson and all of my friends for their continued support throughout the season! I think this season really tested our team dynamic and made us stronger as the games and season went on. I’m really going to miss the seniors and the impact they had on me the past two seasons too. I always strive to do my best each season and can’t wait for the Fall season to start next year!”


Andrea Coppi

Junior computer science and business double major

Keller, TX

Wing/Outside Back, #19

2022 All-SCAC Honorable Mention

Photo courtesy of UD Athletics

“This season was unlike any other season for me. I played most of the season in a different position than I’m used to — outside back. While I love playing in my usual position as wing, I’m happy to have been able to help the team in a new way!”


Luke Wilmington

Freshman physics major

Belgrade, Montana

Center Attacking Midfield, #16

2022 All-SCAC Freshman Team

Photo courtesy of UD Athletics

“I’m greatly honored to receive this distinguished award from the SCAC. I’d like to thank Coach Hoffman and the University of Dallas for giving me the chance to play collegiate soccer and providing for me throughout the season. I’d also like to thank my teammates Evan Corsiglia, Enzo Marcella, Sebastian Coleman, Will Garrison, Antonio Mestanza and Braden Decuir for supporting and playing alongside me. Lastly, I must thank my lifetime coaches, my parents, for shaping me into the player I am today.”


Victor Salvo Villanueva

Freshman economics major

Madrid, Spain

Midfielder, #19

2022 All-SCAC Honorable Mention

Photo courtesy of UD Athletics

“I want to thank our coach, assistant coach and all my teammates for this season, I love playing with this team and can’t wait for next season and compete even harder than this year. Thank you.”


Clayton Porto

Freshman business major

Naples, FL

Defender, #4

2022 All-SCAC Freshmen Team

Photo courtesy of UD Athletics

“I want to thank my teammates and coaches for guiding me and helping me grow in the game all throughout the season. I felt as if I improved significantly and can’t wait to come back strong next year. Thank you.”


Cassie Dyoub

Junior business major

Frisco, TX

Outside hitter, #6

2022 SCAC All-Conference Second Team

Photo courtesy of Coach Trautmann

Cassie has been playing outside hitter for us for the last three seasons and has had an impact in our offense. This season she has done a great job of adding her voice on the court during games and in our practices which has been good to see. Communication skills in the sport of volleyball is very important, whether it’s calling the ball, encouragement, accountability and strategy. Cassie has owned in on her communication this season and it has elevated her play. She overall finished in the top three with Kills per Set and finished 6th in Kills in our conference. We have some talented hitters in this conference and Cassie is right up there and I was happy she was awarded 2nd-team All-SCAC,” said Coach Trautmann. 

“I am very honored to have been awarded onto the second team SCAC volleyball team. I put in a lot of work before the season in the gym and on the court and was ready to work just as hard with my team during the season. We had a very young team but I think we were able to cultivate a great dynamic by the end of the season and I can’t wait to see what we have in store next year with our coach,” said Dyoub.


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