Make your mark, don’t break the bank


Books are a biannual bother for many a UD student striving to obtain their professors’ preferred course reading for the coming semester, and spring will bring no less consternation than the times before. 

While the on campus bookstore provides plentiful merchandise and convenient consumer goods, the costs commonly incurred in the pre-semester bustle of book buying often frustrate students attempting to meet their professors’ manuscript requirements. So while you consider what to do when the demands of obtaining class materials hit, here are a few friendly suggestions to assist in your quest.

Your Own Stuff: Seems pretty obvious, but don’t discount the value of forgotten boxes and dusty shelves. Whether from your own collection or the prior studies of friends and family, the ‘ol library search of the tomes within your reach can completely negate the hassle of buying a book you already have.

Amazon: Don’t let Jeff’s profiteering keep you from purchasing premium class material from the mega-corp. Amazon’s roots as a garage-run online bookstore have held sway to this day, and a great quantity of nigh every text produced by modern man can be found on the website. Remember to check the used section in the actual item page; the up-front price displayed in the search is likely for a new copy, and can easily disguise a thrifty deal revealed with a little digging. This affordable website has an impressive array of all variety of used reading material, from class textbooks to classic novels. The price differences can be overwhelming; in the case of the required Italian 1 course material “Prego: An Invitation to Italian,” the Amazon purchase price of $160 — not much better than the UD Bookstore’s listing — is sold used on Thriftbooks for a comparatively microscopic $8. 

Free shipping in the US is included on orders over $15, so if your shopping cart pile doesn’t quite make that financial threshold, a $4 “Pride and Prejudice,” $5 “Mere Christianity” or $3 “The Great Gatsby” might fatten up your investment enough to merit postage gratis. 

Half-Price Books: The new and used bookstore found in strip malls across the country, Half-Price Books often offers steals on scripts of many stripes from its collections, and schoolbooks are no exception. An inquisitive phone call to a physical location could also increase the efficiency of your search; asking around for the one book you need could be the difference between a simple one-stop shop and a frustrating trudge from store to store in search of an elusive volume. An all-in-one solution, has the feature of automatically listing and comparing dozens of websites simultaneously to find the best price for the text you desire. Amazon’s among the lineup surveyed by its search engine, so this site can compare pricing between it and its competitors. Another used book listing site, has a handsome selection of material for purchase in case your prior options fail you. Price reduction is as present here as other places; the German textbook “Vorsprung: A Communicative Introduction to German Language and Culture” sells for $15 against its retail $260.


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