Letter from the Editor: Addressing the rebrand


To the University of Dallas community: 

As you have probably seen, this semester we are now printing the newspaper under the name The Cor Chronicle. The conversation about rebranding our newspaper began in September when I made the initial proposition to the editorial staff. 

Since I accepted the position as editor-in-chief, a rename has been part of my long-term plan. The University News is not a bad name for a student newspaper but I found that it lacked the personality of who UD is. 

We decided on The Cor Chronicle after weeks of deliberation and input from the student body. “Cor” was initially “Core,” in reference to the Core Curriculum that unites UD students. However, we took off the “e” because we wanted to have that association to the Catholic identity of our university. We are academics and independent thinkers, but we are also seeking the Lord in all that we do.

After settling on a new name, we started to brainstorm a new motto. Previously, the motto for the newspaper was the same as the university’s but I wanted to give us our own to help direct the mission of our organization. 

We picked “veritatem in lucem proferre,” which means “bringing truth to light.” To me, it’s a very UD statement because we talk about truth, both with a capital T and with a lowercase t, in our classes, on the Mall, in the Cap Bar, even at parties, and especially in our newsroom and with our writers. 

We talk about the truth of our faith, the truth of humanity, and the truth of what it means to be a student. We pursue truth in all that we do, as Catholics, as students, as humans and especially as journalists. In our newspaper, we discuss the truth of the issues that our students, our faculty and our staff face. 

And, as editor-in-chief, I push my staff and my writers to find the truth of the news that we cover because it is imperative that we are honest and fair in the way that we represent things. 

It is a high standard that I’m setting for our staff for the rest of the semester and for the years to come, to bring truth to light, but I believe that it is something that we do well and will continue to do well. 

I want to thank everyone who has supported us in this endeavor. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email. 


Kate Frediani, editor-in-chief kfrediani@udallas.edu



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