The ‘twin phenomena’


The psychic link between twins

“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a twin!” Whenever I tell someone that I have a twin brother, this is the most common response I get. While my brother and I have wildly different interests and talents, we are connected by what I call the “twin phenomena.” 

I call it a “phenomena” because I do not have a category to describe the strange and somewhat eerie way in which twins, in particular, can finish each other’s sentences. Yes, I am serious. Ask any pair of twins that you know, and they will likely tell you strange tales of knowing what their sibling is thinking … before he or she says anything. My brother and I frequently complete each other’s sentences. 

The twin phenomena goes even further than this, however. I remember one late night, when my brother and I were making food in the kitchen. Suddenly, a song popped into my head. And then, without a word or gesture from me, my brother began singing the same song out loud. There appears to be some sort of telepathy that only twins share. These types of events happen so often that I believe it is more than simply a coincidence. 

So, what causes this twin phenomena? Is it simply the fact of being twins? Or does being raised in the same environment play a role? Personally, I think that there is a connection that begins before birth, one that connects twins in these mysterious ways. 

My brother and I are wildly different people, with different hobbies, talents and interests. And yet our minds are connected in a special way. Anna Zamora claims to have had the same experience with her twin brother. Anna expressed that she has experienced this “twin phenomena” so often that it is a part of daily life. She claims that she and her brother had their own “language” when they were babies, and I can claim the same about myself and my twin brother. So, while being raised in the same environment could play a role in strengthening the bond between twins, I think that having a twin simply comes with this special connection, one that cannot be explained. Don’t believe me? Ask a twin!


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