Treacherous tales from the week of ice


The recent ice storms surprised the UD community. The ice, which sent people slipping and sliding across the mall, made for a fun —and slightly frightening — break from the standard routine. 

Andrew Kelley, a freshman physics major from Boston, said, “This was a storm that Texas is not equipped for.” He said that they have salt machines and such in Boston, but that Texans are not prepared for this weather, making this experience all the more unnerving. 

Emma Judge, a freshman drama major, commented: “Being from Boston, I wondered why we canceled school. But then I saw the ice. It was scary.” 

“This is like black ice,” as Joseph Fornier, a freshman English major, said. Furthermore, Carmela Lozando, a junior English major, shared a story that illustrates a common experience throughout those three days. She said: “It was hard to stay in routine, but the storm was a nice setback to just hang out. But I’m glad it’s over. I was walking to the gym, and I fell down the stairs. Two girls saw me fall. I said I was okay, got up, and then fell again!” 

However, while the storm surprised the UD community, it was not all unpleasant. Nora Eulie, a freshman who is undeclared said: “It was my first time seeing a storm like this. It was a time to catch up on academics and do other things. It was really fun to see everyone enjoying the snow day. I saw people sledding on cardboard boxes, having fun. We got to be close with our friends.” 

Kelley said that he and his friends sat in Haggar and spent time together indoors. “We did almost nothing,” he said. Actually, this appears to be the general sentiment expressed by the community. 

Gabrielle Estabrooks, a junior education major, said: “It was a nice pause in academics. I didn’t really do anything.” Many people took this time to simply be with friends and rest, as Eulie said. 

Matthew Ong, a junior economics and politics major, finds it interesting that UD did not have Zoom classes. “They just canceled classes!” he said. 

While Texas was unprepared for the ice storm, UD students took advantage of the extra days off. Photo by Lucas Martinez.

Additionally, this break was especially beneficial for some seniors, as Samantha Ronge, a senior philosophy major, said, “The storm came at a good time because the senior philosophy majors were working on a big thesis, so we got a few extra days.” 

The general consensus of the UD community is that this storm was more of a blessing than anything else. “The trees were beautiful, all covered in ice,” said Ronge. This storm was a nice break from the action, which allowed for some cozy time indoors with friends and fun times out in the snow.


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