Freshman spotlight: Softball



Why did you choose UD to continue your softball passion and education? What was the epiphany that made you commit?

Favorite study spot?

Favorite cap car drink?

Katie Duffy-Relf

Freshman Double-major: psychology and
interdisciplinary studies
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and #23

I chose UD to continue my education and softball career because I have always wanted to play on a team that supports me in not only softball, but my future. I visited other colleges but I didn’t get the sense of community that I did here. When I was researching more about UD, I found so many things that I loved like the amount of opportunities each and every student at UD are given.

My favorite study spot is in one of the booths in SB hall, 3rd floor.

I don’t usually drink coffee so I don’t go to the Cap Bar often but when I do, I get a caramel macchiato.

Isabella Garza
Freshman psychology major
Van, Texas and #13

I really liked how important school was to UD and how welcoming it was it all felt right when I stepped on campus.

I love studying in our common room in the mornings when the sun is rising.

I’m a classic hot vanilla latte person.

Daniela Rosario
Freshman biology major
League City, Texas and #17

For me, I realized I really liked the campus. I liked the small community I was really into, the small classes and all that. The coach
really got me as well. She told me how to be with the team and I felt really at home here and I felt like I could see myself coming here
and you know, playing softball, and it’s just something that I really had the floor to.

Mine are probably either the third floor Braniff or that science center.

Iced caramel macchiato.

Mariah Hinojosa
Freshman business major
Katy, Texas and #9

I really liked the UD because it was a small campus and it just felt like home and I just felt like Dallas was a perfect location from home. It wasn’t too far but it wasn’t too close.

I honestly like studying in SB. It’s one of the newer buildings or Cardinal Farrell. […] It’s pretty quiet normally.

I’m not too big of a coffee person, but it would probably be the caramel frappuccino or whatever.
I don’t remember what it’s called, but macchiato or whatever. But one of those drinks I’d probably get.

SunnyDale Thies
Freshman biology major
Little River-Academy, Texas and #3

For me, it was mostly the softball players I had met coming up here. It was right before Christmas break so it was kind of like
everybody was in their prime of what UD is. It was just really nice to feel like everybody wanted to help each other.

Science Center basement. That’s really nice. No one goes there and I love it.
Iced mocha with whipped cream.

Faith Martin
Sugar Land, Texas and #10


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