Secondhand Success: How to thrift like a champion


Tips and tricks on thrifting in a post COVID-19 age

This is for the poor college students who’ve spent too much money at the Cap Bar or on a Groundhog sweatshirt but still need some winter wear for this wild weather. Maybe you want to be able to afford taking a girl on a date and something new-for-you to wear on the date. Maybe you want to spruce up your dorm or apartment with some not-like-other-girls flair. 

Pope Francis said in Laudato Si, “A person who could afford to spend and consume more but regularly uses less heating and wears warmer clothes, shows the kind of convictions and attitudes which help to protect the environment.” 

Look at you! Doing your part to save that really cute sweater from the landfill while also cultivating virtues by wearing it instead of turning the heater on! Whatever your situation, here are some tips to keep you and your room looking cute and sustainable on a budget.

Remember, this isn’t Target, the great finds aren’t just going to pop out at you down every aisle! You have to really commit to the hunt. Go in with an open mind and be willing to try more than you’re willing to buy. 

If you’re looking for a new pair of jeans, be open to what you might find and grab 10! The more you actually try on, the better chances you have of actually finding something that you love. This also goes for whatever you’re looking for, not just pants. Try on as many as they’ll let you at one time! 

Now, thanks to COVID-19, many thrift stores no longer have fitting rooms. This is when thrifting on sale days really comes in handy. Many thrift stores have a different bargain going on every day of the week! If Tuesdays are 40% off clothing, you can buy that thing that might fit you for $1. If it doesn’t fit when you get home, you can give it to someone else and you only spent $1! Taking the risk of buying something really cute that might not fit at a 40% off sale doesn’t sting as badly. Plus, you can give a friend the benefit of that cute skirt without the hassle of the hunt! 

No fitting rooms and it’s not on sale? You can wear shorts and a tank top or a dress and try things on over it right there in the aisle. It helps to bring a buddy to stand nearby to make you look less awkward, if only slightly. Besides, who cares if that stranger that you will most likely never see again has a fleeting judgemental thought about you? Not you, you unbothered, sustainable virtue machine!

Furnishing your first apartment? No need to spend hundreds of dollars on basic home needs! Jars, mirrors, picture frames, curling irons, hair dryers, cooking gadgets and so many ceramic pieces and glassware can be found in droves at any local secondhand shop.

Throwing a themed party on a clubs and orgs budget? There are treasures to behold at your local thrift store! You can even spiff up your findings with a little spray paint. That eccentric vase will be a great conversation starter, too!

After visiting several different local thrift stores, you’ll start to get a feel for which one is almost guaranteed to have those shoes you’re hoping to find. You’ll know which one has the great home decor section and which one you can definitely have your choice of George Foreman grills. Never give up, be open, shop secondhand first before buying new and happy thrifting!


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