Student reactions to beautification efforts


Various student opinions to the removal of the old pool

Jon Forkey, junior biology major

“A tennis court, pickleball court, seems great, we definitely can use another basketball court though. I wonder how much use the tennis court will get, but it’s definitely better than the pool.”

Sam Holmquist, junior politics major

“I still like the idea of having a pool so I think that they should maybe look for another spot. But I think the pickle court will be a lot of fun, and also we have a tennis club so it makes sense.”

Fred Thrun, sophomore business major

“[A sport court] would be really fun actually, I’ve been wanting to play tennis. My roommate’s also on the tennis team, so I thought it would be a great bonding time.” Thrun is also looking forward to playing against his brother, who also plays tennis.

Isabella Flynn, senior politics major

“I’m looking forward to a greater use of the space on campus, I don’t really think people used the pool that much,” she said. “It wasn’t really [well] kept. Kind of gross actually.” Flynn is excited about a new space on campus that fosters “conviviality.”

Luke Iacoviello, freshman business major

“I’m personally not a big fan of tennis, I was kind of disappointed when they took the pool out,” he said. Iacoviello would like to see another pool somewhere else on campus. “It’d be nice to have the option, I definitely won’t use a tennis court.”

John Mihaliak, sophomore business major

“Although I really miss the pool, because it was a blast during the summertime, I do think that would be great, to have a tennis court out there. It would definitely be better than  leaving as it is right now, so I’m all for that plan.”

Annie Bui, freshman business and accounting major

“I’ve never heard of anyone really using [the pool],” she said. “I think that, if it’s being replaced with something that people would use more, that would be more beneficial to both the school and the students. I know that I’ve heard people saying, ‘Oh, I can’t believe they’re getting rid of the pool, I was gonna use that,’ but I’ve never heard of anyone using it, so I don’t know if that’s just people reacting to a change, or if they genuinely are upset about it, but I personally am pretty neutral about it because I was not planning on using the pool, nor am I planning on using the tennis court, but hopefully, more students enjoy the tennis court.”


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