The Half Dozen

  1. Texas Ballet Theatre – Texas Ballet Theater presents “Modern Masterpieces”, featuring “Bartok”, “Image” and “Imbue”. Playful motifs and colorful backdrops set the stage of “Bartok”, a neoclassical masterpiece. “Image” tells the tale of Marilyn Monroe’s tragic life through a one-woman performance. “Imbue” is a dramatic, modern and minimalistic piece that celebrates transformation.  Tickets start at $20, and performances will be held Feb. 24-26.
  2. Dallas Blooms – Dallas Blooms brings to life over 500,000 spring blooming bulbs in over 100 varieties  to create the biggest most colorful floral display in the Southwest. Events are held at the Arboretum daily to help welcome Spring to Texas. Tickets start at $12, from Feb. 25 through April 16.
  3. George Gershwin Alone  – “George Gershwin Alone” tells the story of America’s great composer of “Rhapsody in Blue.” The show incorporates the composer’s best-known songs, from Gershwin’s legendary songbook to tell the story of his tragically short life. Tickets start at $35. This performance will be held on Feb. 26. 
  1. Ida y Vuelta Flamenco – Ida y Vuelta brings the colorful art of  Flamenco dance to life, with several international talents performing, including singer/guitarist Pedro Jimenez and others. Performances will be Feb 24. and 25, tickets start at $30.
  2. Eat Your Art Out – The Arlington Museum of Art is partnering with confectionary artists from throughout the region to present the fifth annual Eat Your Art Out. Dozens of edible masterpieces will be on display throughout the museum’s galleries. In addition to generous, sweet sampling, attendees will enjoy hors d’oeuvres, wine, coffee and a champagne toast while participating in a raffle and auction. This event provides support for educational programs for all ages, community outreach, and the museum’s ever-changing art exhibits. Tickets are $100. This will be held on Feb. 25 at 7 p.m.
  3. Spanish Abstract Art – Meadows Museum will present a selection of Spanish abstract painting and sculpture by globally recognized artists. The collection showcases the diversity of Spanish abstraction, exploring Spanish abstract art in both Fascist Spain and in the international context of the Cold War; and the strategic exhibition of Spanish abstraction in the United States. The exhibition will remain on display through June 18. Admission starts at $4.


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