What your Cap Bar order says about you


As a Cap Bar barista, I have never judged someone based on their Cap bar order, but I do notice the same types of people getting the same drink. These types of people usually share some fundamental personality characteristics and mannerisms. 

Those who order a simple warm espresso or cappuccino tend to be professors, parents, and basically anyone over the age of college students. I notice the older customers want a no-nonsense, reliable, and consistent drink that tastes virtually the same across all coffee shops; both these drinks are very difficult to mess up. As for students who get an espresso, they tend to be either old souls or wanting a quick caffeine fix that they can chug, just like native Italians. 

Customers who order mochas or caramel macchiatos tend to like them iced, possibly because the cold brew compliments the chocolate and caramel extraordinarily well. Through observation, I have discovered that most of these customers are extroverted and definitely loud. An iced mocha or iced caramel macchiato is definitely the first drink of choice for many freshmen, as they tend to be wary of simple coffee drinks and prefer something that has more of a Starbucks frappuccino flavor palette. However, once they go to Rome, which has only the most basic coffee options, I am sure they will develop a liking for a simple latte, espresso or cappuccino. 

Furthermore, customers who order tea tend to visit the Cap Bar in the afternoon or in the evening, when they would like a warm cup of comfort or an iced refresher that does not contain the side effects of strong caffeine. These customers have an aura of calm around them, and I notice that the customers who order warm tea usually are not the ones complaining about school to their friends or to me. Perhaps it is because tea is a universally relaxing drink, or that most teas have health benefits such as lowering of cortisol, weight loss and cellular function. My personal favorite is green tea, either in the form of matcha or a teabag, which is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels in the brain and help maintain a healthy weight. 

Those who order a hot chocolate tend to have a strong sweet tooth, as most ask for whipped cream or an extra pump of peppermint. Being a barista who definitely lathers on the sweet syrups, I am happy to oblige. The hot chocolate customers tend to come with friends and sit at the Cap Bar for quite some time or head off to a particularly long study session. They seem to want a break from the challenges of a college student and hot chocolate definitely has the ability to dull any negative emotion. 

Customers who get coffee with flavored syrups are usually adventurous and often order different drinks every time they come to the Cap Bar. They trust the barista to discern the right amount of syrup to add. While waiting, they tend to talk excitedly with whoever is around — they are not socially picky — about their plans for the day or something interesting that happened last weekend. An exception can be made for those who order a vanilla latte, they tend to be a little quieter. 

Those who order a milk alternative to their coffee, such as oat milk or almond milk, tend to almost always be girls. Girls tend to discuss their milk of choice and why at coffee shops, either for the taste, sustainability or for health reasons. 

Customers who consistently order iced coffee tend to be super stubborn in their personality, because these are the customers who will still order an iced coffee when it is 40 degrees outside. They also tend to be fans of aesthetics, as iced coffee is a pleasant, modern drink to look at. They seem to be comfortable in their own skin, and some are intimidating. 

Chai lattes are only ordered by women for some reason. A warm chai is never ordered when it is spring or summer, but an iced chai is ordered all year round at the Cap Bar. Chai latte customers tend to be super girly and spontaneous, and a lot of them ask for an extra pump of vanilla or two pumps of strawberry.

Now you know that your drink reflects more about you than you think.


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