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Student Government is offering a lot this spring, from the inaugural UD Olympics to hosting President Jonathan Sanford for a State of the University Address. Late last month, the Senate unanimously passed an allocation for up to $1,500 to fund senior Nick Beatty’s UD Olympics proposal, a competitive event that will debut April 1. Such robust allocation requests are welcomed by the Senate — our budget exists for you. Olympic events include, but are not limited to, Punic Wars and Chariot Races. You might know these events by their more common names, tug of war and piggyback relay races. 

Furthermore, mark your calendars for Tuesday, March 21 at 5:00 p.m., because Sanford will be addressing the student body about current UD affairs as well as his vision for its future success. Last year’s address featured capital campaign plans, alumni donor goals and critical questions from the student body audience. We hope you will voice your own questions as we all aim to leave UD in a better place than we found it. 

Engaging with the greater DFW area has remained a goal of the UDSG Executive Council and our recently reformatted Service Advocacy Committee materialized that vision on Saturday, March 4 by volunteering with a fundraiser for In My Shoes charity, a religious non-profit benefiting homeless mothers. UD alumni attended as generous donors and happily engaged with the SG volunteers present. In My Shoes raised $325,000 in one evening with the goal of $400K by the month’s end. Instead of meeting once a week as a group, as is the model by which the Senate operates, the Service Advocacy Committee has maximized their effect on the student body by serving at least once a month with charities. 

Coming up on the Senate agenda for March 20 is a presentation by Dr. Jose Espericueta, who chairs the QEP accreditation committee. This year, the faculty committee is focusing on the art of oratory as it pertains to the Core. Student Government members look forward to providing data for accreditation process as well as learning methods to better their own public speaking skills. By nature of SG operations, Senators gain valuable experience in public speaking, both in informal settings and professional ones. 

Stay tuned for more SG updates in the coming month — Executive Council elections will be here before you know it!


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