SCAC basketball honorees


Adryan Alvarez 

Sophomore business major

El Paso, Texas 

Combo Guard, #3 

2022-23 SCAC All-Conference Third Team 

“I really couldn’t have done this without my support system. Obviously, my parents who are always pushing me to do better and my brother as well. My coach for believing in me and my teammates for always being able to trust me when they know things are going wrong.” 

Tessa Hastings 

Freshman business major

Tucson, Arizona 

Wing/Forward, #21

2022-23 All-Conference Freshman Team 

2022-23 SCAC All-Conference Honorable Mention 

“I was definitely very grateful to receive it, it was really nice coming in as a freshman and just being able to make an impact and kind of get recognized for that. So it was definitely exciting and I think it was a really good season. I’m excited to see where we continue to go on and how I will continue to grow throughout the rest of my time here.”

Jordan Gillespie 

Freshman biology major

Fort Worth, TX 

Forward, #22

2022-23 SCAC All-Conference Honorable Mention 

“I want to thank Coach Bri for pushing me all season and always believing in me. I want to thank the coach or coaches that nominated me for not only looking at points scored, but for looking at other things to nominate people for; I really appreciate it. Also I want to thank my whole team for making this season amazing, and shine a light on how we broke records this season as mostly freshmen.”

Alyssa Sullivan 

Junior business & Spanish major

Wylie, Texas 

Forward, #24

2022-23 SCAC All-Conference Honorable Mention 

“With so many talented and deserving athletes, it’s an honor to be recognized. I would like to thank my teammates, coaches, and family for supporting me throughout the season.” 

Jack Boyle 

Junior business major

Silver Spring, Maryland 

Forward, #0

2022-23 SCAC All-Conference First Team 

“I’d like to thank my teammates, my parents for sending me here, and my coaches for being there every day,” said Boyle. 

“When JB first arrived on campus, we weren’t sure what we were getting. His first day on the court, he showed up in khaki shorts and boat shoes without socks. Obviously, we’ve been pleasantly surprised with what he brings to the team. He has a nose for rebounds; a sort of D3 version of Dennis Rodman and just finds ways to get to the basket and score,” said Coach Grahn. 

Letrell Toussaint

Senior business major

Waco, Texas

 Forward, #21

2022-23 SCAC All-Conference Honorable Mention

“Letrell really worked hard at his game. When he told me he decided to play his 5th year of eligibility due to the COVID season, I jumped out of my chair and hugged him! His growth has been astronomical and I am so proud of what he accomplished both on the floor and in the classroom. It has been a true pleasure to have the opportunity to work with him for 5 years!” said Coach Grahn. 

Marcus Juarez 

Junior business major

Clint, Texas 

Forward, #2 

2022-23 SCAC All-Conference Honorable Mention 

“Being an honorable mention in the SCAC this year was a pretty big accomplishment for me considering I was coming off an ACL injury,” said Juarez. “First and foremost, I’d like to thank God as always. [My teammates] welcomed me back as soon as I got back to the court, they allowed me to get back into the position I felt like I belonged on the team and the coaching staff as well. They had the confidence in me to be able to do what I do on the court which reflected in my game and allowed me to get back to a level of basketball that I can play at.”

“Marcus put in a lot of hard work with his rehab and came back with a vengeance. Early in the season he still wasn’t fully cleared to play and during that time he was such a tremendous positive presence for us from a leadership perspective. When he was finally able to play, it added depth and versatility,” said Coach Grahn. 

All photos courtesy of UD Athletics.


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