Freshman Spotlight: Volleyball 2023-24

Mychael Singleton, Alexa Swaller, Carina Alonso, and Sophia Gouge on media day. Photo courtesy of Kelli Trautmann.

1. Why did you choose UD to continue your volleyball passion and education? What was the epiphany that made you commit?

2. What is your proudest moment in the games or practices so far? What do you think you can improve on as an individual?

3. Favorite Cap Bar drink.

Photo courtesy of UD Athletics.

Carina Alonso

Freshman Biology major

Columbus, Texas and #13

Libero/Defensive Specialist

I wanted to keep my faith as my main focus and I also wanted to excel in volleyball and in my education. My education is really important to me because I want to go into the premed route afterwards to hopefully become a dermatologist one day.

Our last game at Howard Payne was really loud, and something I was never used to coming from a small town. It was like a mental game basically, you had to have your confidence there. I really excelled in that throughout the game. I was like, you gotta get out of your head and you have to focus and be confident. So then I did that the rest of the game and I did pretty good, so I’m proud about that. As an athlete I think I should individually work more on being vocal on the court and letting my hitters know where I’m going to hit.

I would say my favorite Cap Bar drink would be an iced caramel macchiato.

Photo courtesy of UD Athletics.

Sophia Gouge

Freshman Business major Bremond, Texas and #2

Setter/Defense Specialist

I chose UD because it was close to home and I didn’t want to go out of state. And the campus was really nice. It’s a small campus but it’s near a big city and I wanted to live near a city so I could actually have food options that aren’t an hour away. Also just learning about UD’s message, the whole core curriculum, and everybody is just so nice. It’s just a good place to be. Everyone is so welcoming.

I would say just hustling and giving 100% effort all the time. Even when you’re tired and you don’t want to sprint to the ball, you just do it anyway because you want to get better. So I’m just pretty proud of my hustle factor, I guess. [I think I can improve on] getting my feet to the ball, in not just a bunch of little steps.

I just get the iced caramel latte. Pretty basic with that, but it’s my favorite.

Photo courtesy of UD Athletics.

Alexa Swaller

Freshman Undeclared St. Louis, Missouri and #10

Outside Hitter

I ultimately chose UD to further my academic and athletic career because of the excellent academics, which challenge the mind, and because the volleyball team was something I wanted to continue to pursue after high school.

My proudest moment so far in a game was when I recorded 17 kills against Howard Payne, and it made me realize why I love being an athlete, where I get to compete with my best friends. I can improve on being more at ease at where I am in life, and that God has a plan for my future and to rest it in his hands.

At the Cap Bar, I would go for one of the refreshers because I don’t like coffee, but I haven’t tried anything from there yet.


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