Senior spotlight: Women’s soccer 2023-24

The UD women's soccer team's seniors on Senior night. Photo by UD Flickr.


1.Favorite or proudest soccer memory.

2. Favorite bonding memory with the team.

3. What are your plans for after graduation?

4. Any special comments or thank you? (To the coach, special upperclassmen in the past, friends, family or etc.

Rachel Rodriguez

Psychology major

Richardson, TX

Midfielder and #7

Rachel and Callie (the dog) with their family. Photo by UD Flickr.

1. My favorite soccer accomplishment was scoring my first goal at Schreiner. We got pie after :D.

2. After graduation I plan to either get a masters or Ph.D. in criminology/ psychology.

4. Big thanks to my fellow seniors! It’s been a blast journeying alongside y’all! You guys big slay!

Elise Gabriela Valdez

Biochemistry with a Spanish minor

Helotes, TX

Defender and #6

Elise with her family. Photo by UD Flickr.

1. I have so many but two of my standout soccer memories were making it to the SCAC finals my freshman year and hearing Bekah Gonzales (‘22 graduate) tell me she was so proud of me at my last conference game my senior year.

2. I hope to attend PA school!

3. Huge thank you to all my teammates, past and present, you all have a very special place in my heart. Thank you to Coach Lexi for trusting in me. Also special thank you to my amazing family and incredibly supportive friends from birth to high school to college, thank y’all for being my fans.

Britney Zapata

Psychology major

Fort Worth, TX

Midfielder and #27

Britney with her family. Photo by UD Flickr.

1. Scoring my first college goal freshman year against UTD.

2. Continue in the UD graduate program for my masters in psychology

3. I want to thank my family for always being my number one fans and support system. I want to thank my teammates for always creating a heartwarming and supportive environment and my coach for always believing in me and pushing me to exceed my expectations both on and off the field.

Avery Seaman

Psychology major

Bedford, TX

Midfielder and #14

Avery with her family. Photo by UD Flickr.

1. Awarded as a USCAA All-American Player sophomore year.

2. After graduating this year, I hope to work for the Fulbright Scholarship program and teach English abroad in Thailand for one year. I then plan to return either to the U.S. or the U.K. and acquire a Ph.D. in psychology.

4. I would like to thank Coach Lexi Stinson and my past and present teammates for creating a fun-loving, competitive environment, where a sentimentality of family has flourished. I would also like to thank all of my friends and family who have shown their support at the games over the past four years.

Andrea Coppi

Computer Science & Business major

Keller, TX

Forward/Midfielder/Defender and #19

Andrea with her family. Photo by UD Flickr.

1. Scoring the golden goal against Southwestern to advance to finals.

2. To begin a career as a data analyst while pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business and Data Analytics.

3. Many thanks to the unwavering love and support of my family, the genuine care and guidance from Coach Lexi Stinson, and the immeasurable friendships and experiences I’ve had with the team.

Kaitlyn Cline

Business major

Fort Smith, AR

Defender and #22

Kaitlyn (second to left) with her family. Photo by UD Flickr.

1. My favorite memory would have to be my sister and I each scoring against a school from our home state (Hendrix University) with our family, boyfriends and friends standing near the corner flag of the same sideline.

2. My plan after graduation is to take a gap year in order to become a Texas resident. After doing so, my goal will be to continue my studies by attending a physical therapy graduate program. After graduating from physical therapy, my goal is to open my own practice to specialize with pediatrics, amputees and sports medicine.

3. I want to thank my coaches for pushing me to reach my fullest potential and seeing potential in me by giving me this opportunity to play here. Also, I want to thank all of my teammates (present and past) because I would not be the player and person I am today without them […] I want to thank my family for their unconditional love and support. They have shaped me into the person I am today and having my sister Haley here this past season made it that much more special. Lastly, I want to thank God for everything he has provided.

Victoria ‘Torie’ Bernard

MBA with concentration in marketing

Sugar Land, TX

Midfielder and #16

Torie with her family. Photo by UD Flickr.

1. Receiving the scholar athlete award.

2. I plan to get a job in corporate marketing then go on to open my own business.

4. Thank you to my parents for making this whole experience possible. Also to Rachel, Avery, Olivia, Andrea, Anisa, Alyssa and Kaitlyn for making these past 4 years so memorable and fun.


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