Freshman Spotlight: Tennis 2023-2024



1. Why did you choose UD to continue your tennis passion and education?

2. What is your proudest moment in the games/practices so far? What do you think you can improve on as an individual?

3. As a freshman, you are learning what it means to be a student-athlete. How is that lifestyle so far? Who/what has supported you?

4. What are some goals you have for the team or for yourself this season?

5. Favorite cap bar drink?

Jude Lagarde

Undeclared major
Linden, VA

1. Well, I didn’t actually come here for tennis at all. I haven’t really played since middle school and didn’t really give much thought to playing here. Like many, I came here for the academics and culture but, for me, the real selling point was those condos. I visited my older brother (class of ‘23) last year and stayed in his condo and it immediately became my dream home. I fully intend to move in as soon as possible and stay there as long as I can.

2. Proudest moment is probably the time I stumbled and fell headfirst into the fence in the middle of a match as I was chasing a ball. I’m sure that it looked really cool. This season I am working to improve my balance.

3. Well, I’ve kind of always been a student athlete, so I wouldn’t say I’m exactly learning what it means to be one. It isn’t really all that hard. And support? I guess I have support, though very few people actually encourage me to play.

Noah Dreisbach

Undeclared major
Irving, TX

1. I chose UD because of the education, culture and no other reason. I joined the team because my cousin is on it and thought it might be fun.

2. My proudest moment was when I scored my first and only point of the season up to about two weeks ago. I can improve on everything as all people should, and what better time is there than Lent?

3. I learned how to be a student athlete in seventh grade and was reminded of it every year until I graduated, so one could say that nothing is new and it is honestly fairly easy. As far as support goes, my friends all tell me to quit tennis because they feel like I am never around.

4. One of my goals is to win a set.

5. don’t know what my favorite drink is called, but it is basically a decaf milkshake.

Benjamin Paul

Business major
Houston, TX

1. Actually came to UD as a transfer student for the soccer team and walked on to the tennis team, and I love how UD is heavily [involved in the] faith [and] has a friendly environment.

2. Going 4-0 up in the first set last match against Austin College and I am looking to improve my backhand.

3. Being a student-athlete is very stressful but time management is key and my fellow student-athletes help me stay on track.

 4. Goal for the team is to communicate better in doubles and a goal for myself is to make my backhand more consistent.

5. Black coffee.

Cayven Yi

Biology major
Little Elm, TX

1. I chose UD because of its academics and to play tennis at the next level, which I’m grateful to Coach Delao who gave me the opportunity to compete.

2. My proudest moment so far was being able to win at the ITA regional tournament in the fall, proving to myself that I’m capable of winning against these level of players. I need to improve on consistently operating at a high level… However, I know this will come with more practice and experience.

3. I’m thankful to have my mother supporting me, because of her I’m able to have home-cooked meals after practice everyday since we end late. The lifestyle is difficult… I want to be able to spend more time practicing but school comes first.

4. This season I believe we should set goals that are 100% under our control. Some for me include not being discouraged for too long and bounce back the next day, and have specific things to work on each day coming into practice.

5. I don’t drink caffeine, I like Powerade.

Kathleen Roset

Business major and
Theology minor
Tampa, FL

1. I chose UD because I wanted to go to a Catholic school that had great academics but that I could also balance my time playing tennis.

2. So far, being a student athlete has been easier than I thought it would be. I was really worried at the start of this semester because I am taking 18 credits and tennis is a spring season sport. But both [my] coach and my professors have been really understanding when I have to miss practice or a class so I have managed to get everything done.

3. I think I can improve on my volleys and playing up at the net. I want to get better at this so that my doubles partner and I can set up more good points.

4. The team is very new since it only started last year, so I think our goal is just to get better overall and build a stronger team.

5. My favorite Cap Bar drink is peppermint tea.


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