Renovations in store for Haggar University Center

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is now located on the first Cardinal Farrell Hall. Photo by Henry Gramling.

Major changes to the Haggar University Center initiated by Dr. Jonathan Sanford, president of the University of Dallas, are currently underway.

Anyone who has been through Haggar University Center can tell that something is a little bit different. Here’s a list of all the major changes:

  1. Office of Admissions moving to Cardinal Farrell Hall (in progress)
  2. Information Center moved to Upstairs Haggar (completed)
  3. UDPD, Student Affairs, and the Bookstore will be moving as well (later this year).
  4. Renovations of Haggar
  5. The old Office of Admission will be the new Bookstore (in progress)
  6. The Bookstore and UDPD will be cleared out to expand the Cap Bar (Summer 2024)
  7. The Rathskeller will also undergo renovation (Summer 2025)
  8. Renovation of the University Archives (in progress)

“Students, faculty, and staff all expressed an interest in creating more open community spaces in Haggar University Center where students could study, expand retail dining options and provide more access to indoor/outdoor spaces similar to the wall of windows and tables in the Cappuccino Bar on the south side of Haggar,” said Benjamin Gibbs, assistant vice president for operations. This information was gathered through feedback collected from focus groups and surveys in the fall 2022 and spring 2023 semesters.

These renovations are being funded by a capital investment from UD’s dining services partner Aramark.

Gibbs expressed great hope that these changes will be a positive benefit for UD.

“These upgrades include more seating and space for students to be in community together, more retail dining options and an upgrade to the aesthetic of Haggar University Center,” said Gibbs.

One of the most drastic overhauls is the relocation of the Office of Admissions from Haggar to the first floor of Cardinal Farrell Hall.

“Going from offices to cubicles for most of the counselors has been an adjustment. We have a little less space, a little less privacy and a little less contact with the student body since Haggar is at the center of student life and CF is not,” said Christenberry. “We’re all excited about our new presentation room and the fact that we’ll have a designated space on campus to host groups of up to 40 people and student life and CF is not,” said Christenberry. “We’re all excited about our new presentation room and the fact that we’ll have a designated space on campus to host groups of up to 40 people and also meet with individual families.

Christenberry foresees his office transitioning to the new space smoothly over the course of the next year.

“We will miss the Visitor Center in Haggar because it was welcoming and spacious, but we’re making the best of the situation, and in a year, we’ll almost have forgotten that we once weren’t in Cardinal Farrell,” said Christenberry. “Overall, we’re viewing the move as a positive for our team and for our guests.”

As this is also the crunch time for admission decisions and student tours, Christenberry has agreed the timing is less than perfect, but overall his student workers have made this move so much easier.

“Our student workers really shined as we were moving, not only taking care of our guests but also physically helping with the move,” said Christenberry. “While it was more stressful, my staff and student workers mitigated the stress by being positive and proactive.”

The Office of Admission is practically finished with the move and, while sad to be leaving Haggar, Christenberry is excited for the renovations and that the students will hopes appreciate the changes: “I’m hopeful the changes are well received and that I see many happy, smiling faces taking advantage of progress at UD.”


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