Freshman spotlight: Men’s soccer 2023-24



1.Why did you choose UD to continue your soccer passion and education? What was the epiphany that made you commit?

2. What is your proudest moment in the games/practices so far? What do you think you can improve on as an individual?

3. Favorite cap car drink.

Jaden Smith

Freshman Business major

Mansfield, TX and #25

Right Back/Center-back

Jaden Smith. Photo by UD Athletics.

1. The reason why I chose UD was mainly to play soccer at the next level.

2. One of my proudest moments is when I started my first conference game here at UD showing me that my hard work has paid off. I just need to apply myself more when it comes to the field and even in the classroom.

3. I don’t go to the Cap Bar so I don’t have a favorite drink but I have heard good things.

Roman Campos

Freshman Business major

Seattle, WA and #19


Roman Campos. Photo by UD Athletics.

1. Because I knew that this was a great school academic wise and I knew that it would really help me further in life. They have a nice soccer program, really great team [and] coaches [are] really good. Overall, it’s a great choice. You know, I could just tell that this school was the right choice and I knew that coming in this freshman class was so great and the soccer program was so good.

2. Definitely scoring my first goal. Just getting that first goal was one of the best moments of my career and I scored that goal for my grandfather. He’s always watching these games so I first scored that goal and then pointed at the camera. Now, it’s one of the best moments. As an individual, just listening more to my team because, you know, they always have some great things to say sometimes. I know that they want the best for me.

3. I’ve never actually had a drink there.

Benjamin Paul

Freshman Business major

Sugar Land, TX and #00


Benjamin Paul. Photo by UD Athletics.

1. I thought UD had a great balance of religious importance and very strong academics. When I visited, the soccer team seemed welcoming and Coach Hoffmann was great in the recruiting process.

2. Coach Hoffmann and Coach Jack pick the best player for each practice and getting one last week was great. I can definitely improve a lot more as an individual by getting in better shape and staying consistent in the gym.

3. Black coffee.

Andres ‘Andi’ San Roman

Freshman Business major

Irving, TX and #13


Andi San Roman. Photo by UD Athletics.

1. I chose UD because I knew I would be pushed in different aspects of my life. After high school, I did a mission year with the Regnum Christi Mission Corps and lived in DC. So, I knew coming to UD would give me the opportunity to continue to foster my faith as well as having an opportunity to play the sport that I love.

2. My proudest moment had to have been the first time I went on in a game. I could see my whole family who came to watch, even though it was an away game, and I just felt so happy and proud that they were there to support me and the team. I think I still have a lot to improve but I think the best I can do is just to continue learning from the others to become a better teammate and player overall.

3. Favorite Cap Bar drink would be an iced caramel macchiato.

Braylon Le

Freshman Business major

Houston, TX and #3


Braylon Le. Photo by UD Athletics.

1. Well, I came to UD because both of my sisters came here to enter business. I came because my sisters told me it was a good school.

2. My proudest moment would probably be helping assist goals in our season. I can improve on my study habits, start studying and playing on time.

3. I don’t really go to the Cap Bar.


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