Senior spotlight: Men’s soccer 2023-24



1. Favorite or proudest soccer memory?

2. Favorite bonding memory with the team?

3. What are your plans for after graduation?

4. Any advice for student athletes or regular students?

5. Any special comments or thank you?

Harland Acker

Business major

Spring, TX

Center back/Striker and #5

Harland Acker. Photo courtesy of UD Athletics Flikr.

1. My proudest soccer memory would be my freshman year. I was able to come on as a young player and compete with more experienced and stronger players.

2. My favorite bonding memory was during one of our trips to San Antonio. We ended up going to a local market on that Saturday and we walked through the Riverwalk all the way to the Alamo.

3. After graduation, I intend on returning to UD and getting my Certified Public Accountant Liscense.

4. To be a successful student athlete you need to go to class, take good notes, do the reading and do your homework. It’s a big ask, but it is manageable.

5. A huge thank you to all the seniors from my freshman year. They welcomed me into the program with open arms and were friends from the beginning. I hope that the freshmen this year love me the same way I loved my seniors.

Antonio Gachineiro

Biology major

São Paulo, Brazil

Midfielder and #8

Antonio Gachineiro and family. Photo courtesy of UD Athletics Flikr.

1. Scoring against Centenary the day before my birthday and celebrating with my parents on the sidelines.

2. My favorite team bonding experience is when we make the freshmen dance as a team tradition. When they buy into it, it makes it so much better and it is always a great experience.

3. I plan on getting my master’s in Medical Sciences and then attending medical school to become a pediatric surgeon.

4. If I could say one thing to student athletes and regular students, it is to never stop. Let’s keep making this university better and grow within our community. That is what UD is all about.

5. I want to thank my parents and brother for their unconditional support throughout my entire soccer career. They have supported me through everything and I can’t even begin to tell them how grateful I am. I also want to thank my teammates, all of those who I have played here at UD, for making me a better player and person, along with my coach, David Hoffmann.

Andre Brkic

Business major

Fort Worth, TX

Forward and #9

Andre Brkic and his mother. Photo courtesy of UD Athletics Flikr.

1. Proudest soccer memory has to be my sophomore year. We were losing to Schreiner 1-0. In the last few minutes, I get subbed back onto the field and scored my first UD goal which ends up being the equalizer to send us into overtime. Afterwards, we ended up winning in overtime and got the successful three points for our away trip.

2. Favorite bonding memory with the team is hard to choose as there have been so many. I would have to go with the time our Coach invited us over to his house during our season where we all swam in his pool, ate pizza and watched sports together.

3. After I graduate in the spring, I plan on returning to UD to complete the 4+1 program and ultimately earn my Master’s in Business Analytics.

4. For all students, make the most of your time at UD. Take every challenge, every hardship, as an opportunity to learn something. I have learned so much about myself as a person during my time here. I genuinely believe UD helps you mature much quicker than any other school.

5. A special thank you to my parents for being my number one fans. Thank you to Coach Hoffmann and all my assistant coaches for being there to make my last few years playing this sport a memorable one.

Braden Decuir

Theology Major

Friendswood, TX

Center Defensive Mid and #23

Braden Decuir and family. Photo courtesy of UD Athletics Flikr.

1. Making my first travel team as a freshman.

2. Favorite bonding memory: Olive Garden in Minnesota.

3. After I graduate, I’ll be going home to Friendswood and working in my diocese in some capacity.

4. Create a schedule for the days of the week. Being organized will save your college life.

5. I like to thank Coach Hoffmann for taking a chance on a random theology loving boy, and my father who works day in and day out to allow me to do what I love.

Aidan Cady

Business major

Frisco, TX

Center back and #30

Aidan Cady and family. Photo courtesy of UD Athletics Flikr.

2. The Minnesota Trip.

3. I’m coming back to UD to pursue my Master’s in Business Analytics.

4. Stay on top of your work and don’t procrastinate.

5. The athletic trainers Monica Heckman and Jordan Legendre.


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