Senior spotlight: Cassie Dyoub

Cassie (middle) with the 2023-24 volleyball team. Photo by UD Athletics.

Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Dyoub

Senior business major

Frisco, Texas and #12

Outside Hitter

Cassie with her family on senior night. Photo by Cassie Dyoub.

1. Favorite or proudest volleyball memory?

[My proudest volleyball memory is b]eating St. Thomas this season.

2. Favorite bonding memory with the team?

[My favorite bonding memory with the team is ] probably our Christmas Party last year.

3. What made you decide to choose UD?

[I chose to go to UD because of m]y family mostly and also that it was close to home.

4. What are your plans for after graduation?

Ideally [I would like to] work at Lockheed Martin and get an apartment [after I graduate.]

5. Any advice for student athletes or regular students?

Having a balance between study and physical activity is important. It is good to exercise your brain and body.

6. Any special comments or thank you?

I am so thankful for my team this year for sticking together till the end and fighting till the last moment.

Isabel McKamey, a sophomore middle blocker and #5, said, “My favorite memory with Cassie would have to be her taking the team out for dinner at Torchy’s, or her showing up to Halloween practice as the fairy godmother in Shrek wearing the sparkliest red dress I have ever seen.”

McKamey said, “One of my favorite traits of Cassie’s is how wholeheartedly she commits to the things she loves. She made our team a family and I will cherish those friendships forever.”

Simone Meinerz, a sophomore psychology major, a middle blocker, and #8, expressed her gratitude to Dyoub for hanging out with her outside of practice when she first came to UD. Meinerz said, “I remembered going to a late night waffle house run with Cassie last year. While it wasn’t really that cool and exciting, I really enjoyed getting to know her better and met some of her good friends. She made me feel so welcomed and appreciated!”

Meinerz also commented on Dyoub’s determination and ability to motivate the team. Meinerz said, “She always has that fire that can light up the whole court and you can tell by how vocal and how confident she is to take the swing. Whenever she scores a kill, she motivates everyone around her to work as hard as her.”

Emily Dietrich, a senior business major, said, “My favorite memory with Cassie is getting nutella strawberry waffles at Modern Market! My favorite trait that Cassie has is her consistently chill and laid back demeanor.”

Abby Medico, a senior English major who was a pin hitter and #7 when she was on the women’s volleyball team, reminisced about a game against Trinity. Medico said, “Cass and I were both racking up kills and she looked at me and said, ‘We are both getting to 11.’ She made it to at least 15 that game, [and] I capped at 8.”

Medico is also fond of the time that Dyoub had to play a game at Texas Lutheran University in her tennis shoes instead of her court shoes because she forgot her court shoes.

Medico said, “My favorite trait of Cassie as a teammate is her drive. She is one of those players that gets locked in and has an intensity on the court that you don’t see very often. As a person, her sense of humor.”


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