SCAC 2023-24 spotlight: Women’s soccer


Haley Cline

Freshman business

Fort Smith, AR

Forward and #2

Haley Cline. Photo by UD Athletics.

All SCAC Freshman team

I am super excited about receiving the title for all conference freshman team, and I expect to come out even stronger next season! I want to thank my sister, Kaitlyn Cline, a senior on the women’s soccer team this year, for pushing me to be the best player I can be. I was proud of my performance throughout this season and the teams performance as a whole. I’m going into next season expecting a conference championship title, and I’m excited to see what next season holds for myself and the team!

Alyssa Menacci. Photo by UD Athletics.

Alyssa Mencacci

Graduate MBA with marketing concentration

League City, TX

Midfielder and #21

All SCAC Honorable mention

Britney Zapata

Senior psychology

Fort Worth, TX

Midfielder and #27

All SCAC 2nd team

Britney Zapata. Photo by UD Athletics.

I want to thank my family, teammates and coach for always encouraging me to give it my all on the field. The girls always inspire me to be the best version of myself. It was an honor to be able to play with some of the most talented and loving girls ever and a privilege to have been able to make it to the conference tournament.

Andrea Coppi

Senior computer science and business

Keller, TX

Defender and #19

All SCAC 2nd team

Andrea Coppi. Photo by UD Athletics.

I’m grateful to have been awarded SCAC 2nd team. Many thanks to my parents and siblings, Coach Lexi, and my teammates, present and old, for making the 4-year-long journey unforgettable. I’m proud to have been part of UD women’s soccer and wish for great success in seasons to come.

Courtney Fuqua

Freshman psychology

Keller, TX

Defender and #3

All SCAC Honorable mention

Courtney Fuqua. Photo by UD Athletics.

I am super appreciative to have been an honorable mention this soccer season as a freshman. I want to thank my parents for always believing in me, especially at times when I didn’t believe in myself. I want to also thank my coaches, Coach Lexi and Coach Q , for putting a freshman on the backline to depend on in games. The girls on the team have also been super supportive of me and have given me some great advice on and off the field. I can’t wait for next season to come back stronger and better than ever! Go Crusaders!

Claire Reed

Junior biology

Harlingen, TX

Midfielder and #10

All SCAC 2nd team

Claire Reed. Photo by UD Athletics.

This season our team desired to be back at the conference tournament and we did just that! I’m so thankful I was able to work and achieve so much with a great group of freshmen and amazing seniors, who will definitely be missed next year. Big thanks to my family, friends and coaches who supported me and my teammates this season. Can’t wait for senior year!

Ella Charles

Freshman biology major with pre-med track

Flower Mound, TX

Goalkeeper and #1

All SCAC Honorable mention & All Tournament team

Ella Charles. Photo by UD Athletics.

I was an honorable mention and also put on the SCAC All Tournament Team. I would really like to thank my coaches and my new teammates because they have been such great influences throughout this whole year. They motivated me to not only be a better player, but a better person as well. Thank you Coach Lexi and UDallas Women’s Soccer!


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