Humans of UD: Sandy Morgan

Morgan in the 1968 yearbook. Photo courtesy of the UD Yearbook.

Sandra “Sandy” Morgan currently works in the Registrar’s office. She was first invited to work there in 1989 by Sybill Novinski. After 20 years of raising her four children, Morgan said that Novinski came to her and personally offered her the job. “And I didn’t even need a resume,” Morgan said.

However, this is not Morgan’s first time here at the University of Dallas. From 1964-68, Sandy Caldwell attended as an undergraduate and earned her degrees in French and German.

In 2001, Morgan earned her Master’s in theology from the University of Dallas. Nowadays, she spends her time attending faculty and staff get-togethers, making her habitual Cap Bar run, and organizing the time and location of every single UD class and many of its events.

One of her fondest memories from her time here was when, in 1967, the top of the tower was placed. She described the excitement of the school as “like [they] were watching the eclipse!”

During her time here, Morgan played in the women’s flag football team. She has a very specific memory of when her team, accompanied by a group of male cheerleaders, went to play against the SMU team. “My roommate and best friend, Barbie, was the quarterback. I managed to make a touchdown, and the boys created some really good routines,” Morgan said.

When asked about the changes in UD over the years, Morgan drew from a wealth of information and experience. “There used to be fewer buildings. In fact, the office that would become the Registrar used to be Carpenter Hall before moving to Cardinal Farrell,” Morgan said.

Morgan recalled tales from her time on campus when the boys would cause mischief with scorpions. “The West Side of Campus used to be filled with scorpions! The boys, because that used to be the boy’s dorms, would light the tails on fire for fun.”

She also recalled a time when the technology looked very different from what students are familiar with today.

“Everything used to be on paper. I used triplicate paper and Sybil Novinski used to assign the rooms in her head because we just didn’t have that many classes or rooms. We did have computers. Actually, we had one big room for THE computer.”

Additionally, Morgan shared sentiments for the faculty that she remembers fondly.

“There used to be many more Cistercian priests as faculty at the time. And many other people have left but the names of the old faculty will live forever if we remember them.”

Morgan is doing a wonderful job serving as a reminder of the UD of the past and keeping the UD of the present functioning optimally, and we hope that she will be here for many years to come.


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