A memorial to Grace Lively

Grace Lively and her fiancé, Jack Boulet. Photo courtesy of Jack Boulet.

A glimpse into the life of a treasured UD alumna

This past summer, recent University of Dallas graduate, Elizabeth Grace Lively, passed away. Each of us as individuals bring something to this world which has never been brought, nor will be brought again after us. Because of our beautiful uniqueness, it is truly impossible to describe an individual to any justifying point. However, Grace’s loved ones are eager to share even a glimpse of the beauty of her unique soul with the rest of the UD community. 

Grace was born on April 21, 2003, and raised primarily in Irving, Texas. She often spent time at UD while growing up, working on homework as her mother attended school here. When she eventually attended UD herself, Grace took on busy schedules, working two or three jobs at a time while taking a full course load of fifteen to eighteen credits and being involved with the Crusaders for Life. 

According to Grace’s fiancé, Jack Boulet, Grace was not only joyful and loving, but also incredibly hardworking. Grace graduated magna cum laude from UD as a business major with a concentration in painting. According to Jack, Grace was passionate about business and planned on using her degree either to pursue higher education, or to build a business that employed single mothers. 

Jack met his fiancée freshman year when they initially became friends through late-night board game hangouts and early-morning Mass at Cistercian Monastery. Throughout her four years at UD, Grace spent lots of time playing board games with her closest friends and was known for cleverly winning while no one was observing. 

Besides being passionate about her work as a business major, Grace loved to paint, swing dance and sing. But although she enjoyed these things, “she was just always happy with whatever she was doing,” according to Jack, and she especially loved to simply be with her friends. 

While in Huntsville, Alabama this summer, Grace was involved in a car accident on July 10th, 2023, causing injuries that later took her life two days later, on July 12th. Jack, however, takes comfort in the fact that Grace’s last weekend was a joyful one indeed.

Grace and Jack were in Tulsa for the wedding of their close friends. During this weekend, the two of them were able to spend time with their dearest friends, eat gelato together, and finally play a game of mini-golf they’d been putting off. 

I could go on to describe Grace’s shining blue eyes and her love for coffee, or her devotion to our Lady and her love of Lourdes. But the truth is, no matter how many details, great or small that I share, a bright and irreplaceable soul is missing from this world, and no other person is capable of providing us with the unique light from her soul. Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. 

Grace’s Prayer:

“Lord help us to seek wisdom from the purity in our hearts and no desire for glory –for ourselves– but rather for the sake of coming to you, and being closer to you through our deeper understanding of your goodness.

May we come to glorify you if we increase our wisdom; and if we fail, at least take our efforts as tokens of love, and ever despite our weakness draw us out of ourselves through love of you so that we may rejoice in your all-consuming love forever.”


  1. Grace will forever remain in our thoughts, our prayers, and deeply in our hearts. And we know Grace will live in our son Jack’s heart for the rest of his life. This beautiful engaged couple truly loved each other and were best friends. We love you, Grace.


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