Leaders share their vision: meet the executive council of student government


Get to know your student council executives

As a new school year dawns, the student government election season gets underway. Applicants must complete a form and secure signatures from their peers’ approval, all while maintaining good academic standing and a favorable track record. But what does it truly mean to be part of the student government? In exclusive interviews with members of the executive council, we delve into their experiences, observed trends and future plans they want to share with the student body.

Luke Posegate: President with a Mission

Luke Posegate, a senior economics major and the current president of the student government, has been involved in student government since his freshman year in 2020. He chaired several committees, including Crusader Outreach and Administrative Functions and Elections, before assuming the role of president. He takes pride in the previous Senate’s active efforts in organizing mission-aligned events and hopes for a similarly dynamic Senate this year.

Posegate’s vision includes elevating Student Government by fostering better collaboration with student groups, athletics and university departments. He emphasizes their commitment to the welfare of the entire student body while also highlighting their dedication to individual representation. “While SG’s primary role is to promote the general welfare of the whole student body, we are also here to represent you personally,” Posegate says, “so don’t hesitate to ask for help.” Posegate encourages anyone to reach out to him via email.

Porter Schmidt: Bridging the Gap

Porter Schmidt, a junior politics major, has been involved with SG since his sophomore year and is now serving as Vice President of the executive council after having campaigned from Rome in the spring. 

Schmidt has high hopes for another active student government at UD to build upon the improvement of past student government initiatives. His aspirations for this year include getting more students to attend games to support the hard working athletes. Schmidt’s plan to achieve this involves hosting events like the tailgate SG organized on Sept. 1st to bring the community closer and boost involvement with athletics. He emphasizes that student-athletes should feel like an integral part of the UD community just as much as any other full-time student.

Ryan Connor: Building a Unified Community

Ryan Connor, a senior majoring in English, History and Classics, serves as the executive council’s Secretary, bringing two years of experience to SG. He points out positive trends within SG, including their involvement to support clubs on campus and beautification efforts to make UD somewhere everyone wants to steward and enjoy. Ryan Connor said that, “increased support for clubs, more campus beautification efforts and expanded programming” are all goals of the government this year. 

Peter Key: The Financial Steward

Peter Key, a junior finance major and SG Treasurer, has been involved with SG since he was a freshman. Keynotes a positive trend within SG, stating, “I think Student Government is great at fostering increased communal activity on campus.” According to Key, SG effectively promotes community involvement, whether through small or significant initiatives. 

One of Key’s goals as Treasurer for this year was to increase the budget of the student government which has decreased over the past four years, despite the rise in inflation. In his short time as Treasurer thus far, Key, alongside his fellow members of the executive council, has succeeded in increasing the student council budget by $2,000! 

Key emphasizes the need for prudent and responsible budget management. Collaborating with other committee members. He aims to unite the school further through initiatives like encouraging attendance at games played by student athletes. He wants the student body to know that “this is going to be the best year UD has ever had”

This SG executive council seems particularly interested in unifying the student body and improving campus life. Their love for their school and work shone through in their interviews, and they indeed seem set on making this the best year yet!


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